End 169 Years of Slavery 

Imagine if members of your family were photographed against their will, and those photographs were publicly displayed and republished and - there was nothing you could do about it.  That is exactly what Harvard University and Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology are doing, and it needs to STOP.


Juneteenth Ain't Over 

A Short Film and Discussion with Tamara Lanier

Saturday, 6/27, 6pm EST


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Slave descendant family, represented by Tamara Lanier, awaits court ruling expected Feb 2020.


This lawsuit, partnered with Harvard's entitled behavior, wounds student morale and pride.  SEE OFFICIAL SUIT FILING HERE


Three moral challenges to consider:

  • University President Bacow said, "I think we have the law on our side."


BUT using property law to argue ownership of slave photos when a family is fighting for images of their family members to be respected and surrender​ed, is thoughtless at best.

  • Harvard administrators claim their use and display of Renty and Delia's images emphasize the slaves' humanity.


BUT these photos were taken in the 1850s. Without consent, Renty and daughter were stripped, photographed, analyzed, and cataloged​. Continued use of these images in public domain when the family objects, certainly does NOT represent humanity.

  • Peabody's Director, Jane Pickering, self-appointed the museum an "ethical steward" of both images and stories of Renty and Delia, and announced its intention to further publicly promote them.


BUT why does Harvard and Peabody believe it is their duty to own images and stories of enslaved people and fight slave descendants to maintain this ownership?


Harvard Coalition to Free Renty

A student-led coalition to #FREERENTY - calling upon Harvard University's President Bacow and the Peabody Museum to surrender images of slaves to their family and support reparations discussions.

#FREERENTY is Counting on You

Harvard Free Renty Coalition needs your help with "Stop Harvard University from using property law to maintain ownership of slave images".  

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