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We Need Your Help!

Students will continue to pressure the Harvard administration to "do what's right." - Samantha C.W. O'Sullivan, President of the Harvard Generational African American Students Association (GAASA).  She is hopeful this case can establish a new legal precedent for forcing institutions to give up artifacts related to enslaved people.


Email Harvard President Lawrence Bacow and demand that the university surrender the images of Papa Renty and Delia to Tamara's family. It’s been almost two centuries, but it’s never too late to do the right thing. #FreeRenty

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tell harvard to free renty!

A Call for More Student Video Letters!  

Submit a 15-30 second video statement to Harvard stating why it is important to YOU that the University surrender images of Renty and Delia to their family.

These are Harvard students who are asking that the images be surrendered to the certified descendants of Renty and Delia. We'll add your video to this loop.

We each identify with this case in unique ways. The Coalition would like to highlight how this case impacts each of us, but we need your help. Just a few seconds can make a big difference. 


Please submit your video to

Join the Harvard Coalition to Free Renty

A student-led coalition to #FREERENTY calls upon Harvard University and the Peabody Museum to surrender images of these individuals to their family and support reparations discussions.  Stop Harvard from using property law to maintain ownership of slave images. 


Full info HERE - Law vs Morality



Sign the Petition NOW - Add your comments

This petition is an effort to spread awareness, while respectfully requesting the surrender of these images, and their rights, to the rightful descendants (family).  After 170 years, let them go home.  Set a new standard for Harvard that all students, faculty and the community can respect.

Petition - Sign & Comment

Use Social Media to Share & Get the Word Out ASAP

The court date is set.  On September 10th, a judge will hear oral arguments related to Harvard's 'Motion to Dismiss' this case.  We must move quickly to inform and garner as much support as possible for Papa Renty and Delia.

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Thank You for Supporting Renty & Delia

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