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Scheduled for Tuesday, Oct 20th, 2-4:00 pm ET

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Lanier v. Harvard - Show YOUR support . . .

This is an open courtroom.  Anyone who wishes to be present are strongly encouraged to attend (even virtually).

This court date is established to hear arguments supporting Tamara Lanier's request that Harvard University release daguerreotypes of her enslaved descendants, Papa Renty and Delia, to the family.



Harvard and Slavery:  Then & Now


Friday, Sep 25th, 1:00 pm ET



A student-organized convening that connects past and present struggles to shed light on the life and afterlife of slavery at Harvard.


About this Event

Harvard & Slavery: Then & Now is a student-organized convening that connects past and present struggles to shed light on the life and afterlife of slavery at Harvard. By refusing the administration’s argument that Harvard’s relationship to economies of captivity are exclusively historical, Harvard & Slavery: Then & Now brings together students, professors, and community members whose work highlights how Harvard has built and continues to sustain itself on the value extracted from caged, confined, and catalogued Black persons.

The convening will commence with a grounding conversation between Tamara Lanier, the courageous litigant who has taken Harvard to court for the images of her enslaved ancestors Renty and Delia, and Caitlin Hopkins, Ph.D., who was the Research Associate for the Harvard and Slavery Project from 2017-19 and part of the Universities Studying Slavery consortium. In the second half of the convening, student researchers and organizers will present their work pertaining to the past and presence of slavery at Harvard.

The convening will take place by Zoom on Friday, September 25, at 1pm ET. Organized entirely by students, the convening will be free and open to the public. All are encouraged to attend.

    Tuesday, Sept 8th, 7:00 p.m. EST

Webinar - "Lanier v. Harvard:  The Power of Black Images & Identity"

Sponsored by GAASA - The Generational African-American Students Association of Harvard

February 6, 2020

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley District Visit

Join The Harvard Coalition to Free Renty for an informal opportunity to voice your support and share your thoughts on reparations and the Harvard legal case to #FREERENTY.

1700 Dorchester Ave,

Boston, MA 02124, USA

February 4, 2020

Social Reparations "Beyond the 40 Acres"

Join us to explore new concepts of social reparations, consider legal burdens of verbal lineage & share your thoughts of the ongoing legal battle related to slave images & the rights of slave descendants.

Boylston Hall

Cambridge, MA


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